A Spark In Nothing (2020)

With one single choice everything changes. One life splits into two realities. One chasing a chance at love while the other finds solace in music. If one true path is not found, both realities will cease to exist.

Teaser Trailer (4k)


Benjamin Snow


Ben is a Ukrainian-American actor, who has been dancing since childhood for over 15 years. He recently attended New York Film Academy to get his masters degree in acting. Since graduating, Ben has been making short films. As of today he continues working on writing and studies at The Groundlings School of Improv.


Eric Mickelson


Eric Mickelson is a Castaic, CA. resident. He works as Director of Film Marketing at CBS Films. His other passion is acting and has taken meeting Griffin Loch as an opportunity to pursue his dream of character acting. Eric played a dirty cop in Calling the Shots and a boy band singer in The Adventure of T.P. Man and Flusher.


Abby Stevens


Abby Stevens is a lifelong friend of director Griffin Loch. She appeared in Griffin Loch film asearly as the age of five. Her dedication to acting has taken her from stage to film performances for the past 10 years. Her hearts passion is to continue to work on Griffin Loch films as a priority in her acting career.


A reluctant guardian angle, William finds it challenging to overcome his selfish ways and connect with the boy, James that he is to look after. Unable to see that although different James possesses a kind charm, drawn to the smaller, softer and musical themes of life. 
It is only in a chance moment William sees that he has overlooked much about James. When he realizes that he has wasted so many lost opportunities in being there for James, William seeking redemption.
Overwhelmed with the guilt of the past, William uses his guardian angel gifts to allow James to experience two separate realities based on one single decision. James has the opportunity to live both realities. One decision made, to either pursue the love of music or the hope of following love. 
William’s act of splitting the James reality in two comes with great consequences. Both realities face destruction if they do not merge to one true path in one year. If the two realities do not merge it will be as if they have never existed at all. In addition William can no longer remain on earth to guard over James because his life force was drained when trying to offer James two chances at finding a life of music and love.
Ultimately William will have to decide between watching James existence becoming a spark in nothing or sacrifices himself by returning to earth to connect James back to his true life path.