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14-year-old filmmaker Griffin Loch raised funds to write, produce and direct his second feature length film focusing on the haunting and tragic epidemic of teen suicide. The talented cast in “The Adventure of T.P. Man and Flusher” tell a true story of deep depression, love, laughter, and friendship.

After learning that his best friend Jim (Sam Grossinger) has attempted suicide, Tom (Adam Simpson) enlists the help of the neighborhood kingpin, a.k.a.’Granddaddy’ (Blake Boarders). Their plan is to sneak Jim out of the hospital for one last adventure before his disconnected parents move him off to Memphis. On the way, they encounter a washed up 90’s rock star, get attacked by tiny cupcakes and try to win the hearts of their dream girls. Tom realizes that this adventure will not fix his friend, but their last night together does evolve into the most defining experience of their lives.


  • Independent Filmmakers Showcase – Best Picture Nomination
  • Independent Filmmakers Showcase – Best Director
  • IndieFEST – Award of Recognition


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