With the 3rd feature film from the mind of 17 year old phenom Director, Griffin Loch comes “A Spark in Nothing”.

With one single choice, everything changes. One life splits into two realities. One chasing a chance at love, while the other finds solace in music.

If one true path is not found, both realities will cease to exist.

A reluctant guardian angel, William, finds it challenging to overcome his selfish ways and connect with James, the boy that he is to look after. Unable to see that, although different, James possesses a kind charm that is drawn to the smaller, softer and musical themes in life.

It is only in a chance moment when William sees that he has overlooked so much about James. William realizes that he has wasted many lost opportunities in being there for James.

William must make things right with his time running out on earth.



[imdb data="detailed"]tt10612362[/imdb]